How to Receive Over-the-Air TV

Broadcast TV stations in America use a standard called ATSC that can be picked up by modern flat screen TVs or via converter boxes for older TVs.  Many people don’t know that you can hook up an antenna to their TVs and perform a scan and watch free TV.  Reception varies based on the location of your home and whether you have good line-of-site to the TV towers.  If you don’t get reception with a simple indoor antenna, then putting a larger antenna in your attic or on your home can greatly increase how much you can receive over the air.  Your mileage may vary with picking up our stations; nevertheless, it is free for all of those with a good signal path to the towers that we broadcast from.  To get a TV antenna, simply go to and look for broadcast TV antennas.  Please note that many antennas don’t cover all channels.  In the SF Bay area we broadcast on low VHF antennas, so make sure to get an antenna capable of receiving the lower channels.  Other antennas may work, but not as well.  A list of what channels we broadcast on and from what mountaintop are listed on our home page.